• Can you purchase the course with currencies other than in Australian Dollars?

    Yes – payments may be made either by credit card or paypal through our Stripe payment gateway and this accommodates payment in different currencies

  • Are there any additional taxes to pay?

    No – the price is inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax

  • If I change my mind can I get a refund?

    No - not if you change your mind. We only offer refunds under certain conditions, as per our terms of use, which you can access when you enrol or at the bottom of our web pages. You must agree with these terms of use to be able to complete your enrolment into a particular course.

  • Is there a time limit that any course has to be completed within and what does lifetime access mean?

    No - when you pay for any course you will gain lifetime access and this will be for as long as the courses are live and in operation. You are then able to complete that course to suit your own timeframe and revisit at any time you wish. Courses also offer various download documents and templates which are yours to keep.

  • Is there a required pass mark for any courses?

    Yes, the required pass mark for each course is 100% and is achieved through answering a series of multiple choice quizzes

  • When do I get my Certificate of Completion for an individual course or a collection of courses?

    Once you have successfully completed the course or a series of courses that make up a collection (or bundle) then you will be able to receive your Certificate

  • Can I download any material?

    Yes – there is a detailed workbook with each individual course and you may download this along with other tools and checklists for your future reference

  • Can I share the information with others?

    Yes but only on certain conditions – the material is copyrighted however you are able to share aspects of the courses with your colleagues provided this is in a learning environment. You are not able to use the materials in any way for commercial purposes without prior permission

  • Do I have to acknowledge copyright of the materials?

    Yes – in each course there is a lesson titled - ‘Before you begin…’ and one question in this brief survey will ask you to confirm that you have read and accepted the copyright conditions for that course material