Learn how to partner simply, quickly and effectively to achieve the results you need.

Partnering by Design™ is a 20 hr self study online course that includes 10 individual short courses and covers all aspects of the partnering process.

This course covers the Why, What and How of Cross Sector Partnering and then delves deeper into each element of the partnering process that you need in place to achieve a successful partnership.

Gain the knowledge, skills and tools to help you work with others internally and externally and to navigate your partnering process. 

You'll learn how to...

  • Build Strong Foundations

    Gain clarity around the why, what and how of partnering and how to set in place the fundamental building blocks for an effective partnership

  • Design a Partnering Process

    Learn the critical stages and steps needed to create, develop and sustain high performing partnerships that deliver results

  • Maximise Performance

    Learn how to evaluate and review your partnership to ensure it stays on track and delivers the results you need

Don't leave your partnering to chance...

Partnering isn't easy and requires more than good intentions. Without a clear framework for your partnering you stand to waste time, energy and resources in trying to get outcomes. Learn how to:

  • Find the right partners and get started

  • Build and maintain strong relationships

  • Navigate your way through the partnering process

  • Resolve conflicts when they arise

  • Partner faster and with less risk and cost

  • End a partnership and move on

What people are saying....

“Loving the tools and concepts that we are being provided”

"I feel like I'm coming at the whole question of partnering from a more informed position"

"Partnering is a whole lot more involved than I first thought"

"Easy step by step formula to help guide you through the process of partnering"

Ian Dixon - Your Instructor and Partnering Expert

Ian is an internationally recognised partnering specialist and brings years of experience and knowledge to share in these online courses.

Since 1999, Ian’s programs have built the partnering capability of countless individuals, organisations and sectors, empowering a new breed of collaborative leader, fit for the future of work.

Ian's uncanny ability to 'bridge the divide' between business, government, education and community has earned him strong ties with international organisations such as The Partnering Initiative and The Partnership Brokers Association, both based in the UK. But it's his work at home, particularly with indigenous communities throughout Australia that defines his legacy.

Ian is Director and Principal of DIXON Partnering Solutions a firm dedicated to solving tough problems and creating shared value through partnering.

Ian Dixon - Owner and Partnering Expert

Course Price

Price is in Australian Dollars and includes Goods and Services Tax

Course Bonuses

In addition to the course content you will also receive:

  • Downloadable Workbook

    Download the official workbook in each course to support you as you work through the lessons

  • Certificate of Completion

    Receive your personalised Certificate on satisfactory completion of each course or collection of courses

  • Lifetime Access

    You'll be able to come back and revisit the course material at any time

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